Lichen Planus

Natural Remedies for Lichen Planus Treat the Itchy Skin Rash

Natural Remedies for Lichen Planus

Your immune system works as your body’s defense against illness and infection. Since it recognizes your cells, it will try to get rid of anything unfamiliar, like parasites and germs. You may experience itchy red, bluish, or purple lesions that spread to your skin, nails, scalp, mouth, and the genitals. This is called Lichen Planus, and the discomfort you will feel can range from mild to severe. Treatment for lichen planus typically includes a combination of controlling symptoms, healing lesions, providing relief, and increasing the effectiveness of the immune system. Keep in mind, however, that while Natural Remedies for Lichen Planus may cure some people quickly, symptoms may in some cases continue for months or years before clearing up. Natural remedies for lichen planus treat the itchy skin rash naturally.

Home Remedies for Lichen Planus

If you are among the many people who suffer from the side effects of corticosteroid treatment, there are various natural remedies for lichen planus that may well prove effective. The advantage of these natural remedies for lichen planus is that they are safe and unlikely to result in any adverse side effects.

Whether or not they work for you is uncertain but with a little trial and error, you will hopefully get the condition under control. Here are some of the natural remedies for lichen planus that people have found most effective.

Vitamin A

As noted above, natural remedies for lichen planus often include the use of retinoid-based drugs to help relieve many of the symptoms. Vitamin A helps keep skin and mucous membranes healthy. As lichen planus targets these two systems, increasing your intake of vitamin A may help.


During an outbreak, eat more vitamin A-rich foods including beef liver from grass-fed cows, raw carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, spinach and winter squash. In addition to treating the rash, vitamin A supports the immune system and fights inflammation, two of the pieces of the puzzle to fight lichen planus.


Aloe Vera

Fresh Aloe vera gel for Lichen Planus Herbal Treatment is an excellent companion for the skin with a wide array of healing benefits. Many people suffering from lichen planus of their skin find that applying Aloe vera to the affected areas either alone or combined with honey offers a great deal of comfort. Drinking plenty of aloe vera juice may also have a positive effect on your overall health.


Essential Oils

There are literally hundreds of essential oils on the market today and most are safe to apply topically as long as they are used properly. Many lichen planus sufferers have found that using essential oils on their skin provides a great deal of comfort by easing the itching and reducing redness and rashes.

Once you have chosen the best essential oil for Lichen Planus, it is important that you dilute it properly with a carrier oil – for lichen planus, extra virgin coconut oil and olive oil are ideal. Then be sure to perform a patch test to make sure you are not sensitive.


Tea Tree Oil

The benefits of tea tree oil are well known. Herbal Treatment for Lichen Planus on the scalp, my recipe for itchy scalp shampoo may provide some relief. In fact, the central ingredients of tea tree oil, coconut oil, aloe vera, apple cider vinegar, and raw honey have antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. Plus, they work to relieve the itching commonly linked with this condition.


Coconut Oil

For oral lichen planus, coconut pulling twice a day may improve the symptoms and provide relief. The process helps to detoxify your mouth by literally sucking out the toxins. Benefits include killing bad breath, soothing a dry mouth, reducing inflammation, and boosting the immune system.

Natural Herbal Treatment for Lichen Planus can do wonders for your teeth and gums. Coconut oil pulling is one of the best ways to remove bacteria in the mouth and minimize itching and pain.




It has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties that help inhibit the spread of the disease. From tea to the face mask, you can use basically any turmeric product to promote healing.

To soothe the itching and discomfort on your skin, try a turmeric face mask, but please be careful as it will stain your clothing and skin if left on too long. Turmeric tea may help to promote healing while soothing the pain and discomfort.



For people suffering from oral lichen planus, simply chewing on sage can be a very effective remedy that can help take away some of the pain. If you find chewing on sage too difficult, then you can prepare a tea with dried sage and drink that up instead.


Epsom Salt Baths

Used for generations to relieve sore muscles and detox the body, Epsom salt can provide relief. It is known f natural remedies for lichen planus or helping to reduce stress eliminate toxins and reduce pain and inflammation. Prepare a warm bath, and add 2 cups of Epsom salt, stirring it around with your arm. Soak at least 30 minutes for the best results. Also, the addition of your favorite essential oils can provide additional relief.


Cool Compresses

To get instant relief from itching, you can simply place a washcloth soaked in cool water on the bumps. Leaving it in place for a few minutes can give you some relief when other natural remedies for lichen planus are not working quickly enough or if you only have a mild case of lichen planus.

Be sure not to scrub the inflamed area. This can cause more irritation. There is usually no need to apply ice, as cold water relieves the itching just as effectively.



If your symptoms are especially bad or you have bumps in so many locations that it’s hard to treat them all, you can take a cool bath that includes soothing agents, such as oatmeal. This will give you temporary relief from itching all over your body. Oatmeal is known to be an anti-inflammatory agent that is often used to soothe inflamed skin.

Natural Treatment for Lichen Planus and often include oats as a gentle exfoliator and skin soother. As the lesions and blisters transform through the course of the disease, sloughing off the dead skin can relieve itching, and improve the appearance. Mix one part oats to one part raw yogurt and let stand at room temperature for 20 minutes and then mix in a quarter part raw honey. Spread liberally over affected areas, and allow setting for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, and pat dry.


Lotions and Creams

The main source of discomfort that occurs with lichen planus is itching on the bumps. This can be temporarily relieved by applying anti-itch lotions and creams, which are available over-the-counter at most pharmacies. Anti-itch products that contain antihistamines such as diphenhydramine hydrochloride typically help relieve the itching effectively. Talk to your doctor about what products might be right for your specific condition.


Reduce Stress

Stress complicates the symptoms linked with this disease and can trigger recurrences. To help ease stress, do activities that soothe your mind and your spirit. For example, guided meditation, yoga, and other natural stress relievers can all be incorporated into your daily routine.

Natural Remedies for Lichen Planus help heal the lesions and sores and also treat the attending symptoms like pain, burning sensation, and bleeding from the lesions. The natural herbal remedies are of natural origin and ensure safe and natural recovery in cases of lichen planus. These natural remedies for lichen planus are selected individually as per the prominent features presented. For further detail visit Herbs Solutions By Nature for Lichen Planus Herbal Treatment, that is completely safe with zero side effects, not only act to treat Lichen Planus, but also prove to be successful in ensuring there is no recurrence of this skin condition.

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