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Motor Neuron Disease Funded Clinical Trials


The first Phase 1 clinical trial of Copper-ATSM as a potential treatment option for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) will start in 2016. Cu-ATSM therapy was developed in Melbourne Australia, and the trial is a true example of Australian scientific ingenuity and innovation, and demonstrates the calibre of MND researchers we have in this Country. To …

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New Genetics Clues into Motor Neuron Disease


Researchers at The University of Queensland have contributed to the discovery of three new genes which increase the risk of motor neuron disease (MND), opening the door for targeted treatments. Professor Naomi Wray from UQ’s Queensland Brain Institute was involved in the data analysis as a part of an international study of more than 30,000 …

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Motor Neuron Disease – Comprehensive Overview

Motor Neuron Disease Herbal Treatment Motor Neuron Disease is a serious type of progressive neurodegeneration- in which over the time; nerves in the brain and spine progressively lose function. Moreover, in case of Motor neuron disease, cells that control your muscle activity for example swallowing, breathing, walking and speaking tends to get destroyed. The motor …

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