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10 Home Remedies to Manage Achalasia or Esophageal Stricture


Home Remedies for Achalasia Achalasia is also known as esophageal stricture or corkscrew esophagus. It is a disease characterized by the throat’s inability to move the food down into the stomach. This incurable disease progresses slowly and there is no treatment for it other than surgery. Home Remedies for Achalasia and Achalasia Natural Treatment like …

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For Achalasia We Should Stick with Conventional Treatment


Achalasia is a motor disorder of the esophagus resulting from progressive loss of enteric neurons. It is characterized by aperistalsis and impaired relaxation of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), which leads to chronic dysphagia, regurgitation and chest pain.1 Even to date, in an era of exponential medical progress and increased insight in disease mechanisms, treatment …

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7 Natural and Herbal Treatment of Achalasia


Herbal Treatment of Achalasia Achalasia is a disease of obscure cause, which is described by an absence of peristalsis in the smooth muscle throat and fizzled or deficient unwinding of the lower oesophageal sphincter. A variation of achalasia, called vigorous achalasia, demonstrates the same anomalies in the lower oesophageal sphincter however enthusiastic constrictions inside the …

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Achalasia Difficulty Swallowing Food and Liquids

Herbal Treatment for Achalasia Achalasia is a rare disease that makes it difficult to swallow foods and liquids. In achalasia, there is an issue with the tube that transfers food from the mouth to the esophagus. The muscles that make the throat contract and push nourishment down to the stomach don’t function admirably. The muscle …

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Achalasia – A Disorder Of Esophagus

What Is Achalasia? Achalasia is basically the disorder of esophagus, in such your muscles and nerves do not tend to work in a proper manner, causing some swallowing difficulties, at times accompanied with chest pain, even regurgitation resulting breathing and coughing problems in case the food gets in your lungs. Luckily, Herbs Solutions By Nature …

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