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Diagnostics of Food Allergies

Food Allergies

Do your feet and hands get swollen? How about your joints, do they hurt sometimes? Your brain appears to be unclear at times and clearer at other times? Headaches?

It is possible that you’re sensitized or allergic to food items you consume A food Allergy test kit might reveal the precise situation. If you are able to determine the cause of why you feel depressed, tired, and achy or not like yourself it is best to stay clear of eating it. However, determining what’s causing it may be a bit difficult. This guide will help you identify the cause of your getting sick.

There are two approaches. Method One is the toughest however it will yield more results. Method Two is more gentle and takes more time, but you will see results at the final. Select Method One if do not have any health issues that are serious. Method Two is the best option when you suffer from an illness like heart issues or are a type 2 diabetic.

After having the food intolerance test to determine food allergies, I personally took Method One, and the first four days were tough however, after that I started feeling great. The test revealed food intolerances that I was not expecting as it was food that I consumed every day. I was intolerant to food belonging to the family of Nightshade, which includes tomatoes, potatoes as well as eggplants, peppers and. Uncertain about this test I went to an Allergist to administer an unpleasant allergy test. You wouldn’t believe it I’m allergic to Nightshade family, as well as molds like mushrooms and aged cheese and oatmeal. I tested my own body for the Nightshade family, not the other ones, but I’m sure I’d had discovered them, too. If you are able to study the details of the body you are in, you are able to assist yourself.

Method 1

The first and most important step is to remove any food items that you suspect that you do not eat for the next seven days. The foods that are considered to be suspect include sugar dairy products, wheat products eggs chocolate (any) citrus fruit corn cheese (aged or processed) as well as caffeine tomato, celery, white potato, yeast products apples, peanuts, peach, pork, mushrooms, and any other food item you think you might be allergic to. Don’t cheat or you’ll be unable to succeed!

What are you allowed to consume? Here’s a good list of foods salads that don’t have dressings and any fruit or juice that’s not mentioned above, any other vegetables not listed above brown or white rice, nuts or seeds, beans, oil or any other herbs, garlic or onions rice cereal and honey, rice cakes oatmeal, turkey, chicken or any other meat that is lean aside from fish and pork.

During this period of elimination, you should expect to experience withdrawal symptoms during the initial three days. It is possible to experience headaches and stomach aches. You may also experience irritability, stomach pain nausea, bloating, or weakness. On the fifth day, you’ll feel clean.

After the 8th day, You may start to introduce foods that you are not familiar with to your diet. Consume these food items in their purest form and only with the recommended food lists. Day 8, drink an ounce of milk. Day 9 wheat, eat 100percent wheat noodles or all-wheat cereal do not eat bread. Day 10, egg. Day 11: Chocolate is just Baker’s because it’s purer. Day 12 Orange. Day 13 and corn. Day 14, caffeine, black coffee only. Day 15: A slice of old cheese. Day 16 tomato (if you are allergic to tomato it is also possible to be allergic sensitive to white potatoes. Day 17, one teaspoon of sugar. Day 18 Brewer’s yeast. Continue until all of your tests for food are completed.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms you should have a food allergy test. should be eliminated from your diet. These symptoms are irritation, cough, stuffiness, and hyperactivity. Drowsiness can cause stomach pain, headache, gas, or achy and swelling joints.

Method 2

This is a simpler method. Simply eliminate all the food items that are listed above for 2 days. Then on day 3, eat the food. If there is no change, great. However, if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, the food should be eliminated completely from the diet.

I’m not lying to you. Cutting out these food items is hard! You’ll be a bit shaky in the beginning for a few days, but once you’ve finished you’ll feel more comfortable. This is when you realize you’ve been eating foods that are that is harmful to your body. Sure, I sometimes cheat however, I’ll be paying for it in swelling hands and joints on the day following. That’s why these potato chips are not worth the effort!

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