Moment Woman Thinks She’s Having a Heart Attack at Work Caught on CCTV

CCTV footage shows the woman’s moment when she believed she was having a heart attack.

Over 6 million people have seen the video on TikTok of Jazz Davis’s first chest problems while working as a property manager in Los Angeles.

Davis, 33, stated in an interview with Newsweek: “It was a slow day at work. At that moment, neither was I provoked nor engaged in any severe activity. I had no further symptoms until a few hours later when I began to have chest aches.”

“I tried to relax, have a snack, and watch something on my phone to distract myself,” she continued. Then the aching in my chest suddenly got worse. I started to sweat a lot, my vision went cloudy, and I honestly believed I was going to die. It was really, really scary.”

In the video, which has the description, “The scariest moment of my entire life,” Davis is shown clutching her chest while seated at her desk. Then, with her hand still in place, she paces the office until she calls emergency services.

Despite the office being 65 degrees, Davis said she was sweating a lot. She told the 911 operator that she thought she was suffering a heart attack since the pain was unlike anything she had ever experienced and she thought she might not survive.

She notes that she called for help at 12:22 PM, and the paramedics arrived at 12:26 PM, praising them for arriving in no more than four minutes.

Thankfully, the paramedics ruled out a heart attack as the reason for her symptoms, but they nevertheless sent her to the hospital for additional testing. Costochondritis, an inflammation of the cartilage connecting the ribs to the breastbone, was identified in Davis.

An research published in the journal American Family Physician states that those over 40 are the ones most typically affected by the illness.

Costochondritis is thought to be present in 13–36 percent of patients who seek emergency care due to chest pain.

However, in order to rule out potentially fatal conditions like a heart attack, the Mayo Clinic advises obtaining emergency medical assistance if you have chest pain.

Newsweek was informed by Davis, who goes by @jazz_5390 on TikTok, that “the cause [of costochondritis] is sometimes completely unknown.”

“I did have a minor breakdown before work,” she continued. Life can seem really busy at times, and I feel completely overwhelmed. However, I soon collected myself and was all right after that.”

Since August 1st, when Davis uploaded the video, he has received an abundance of support. More than 7,700 comments and 227,200 likes have been received thus far.

While some are making light of the situation, others are giving their best wishes. Someone said, “Me when McDonald’s forgets my sauces.”

Another person spoke from personal experience: “Yup, I had that! went to the ER and underwent numerous examinations and scans; my inflamed rib was the only thing that triggered the panic attack, and I now have anxiety.”

Another TikToker commented, “The worst part is they happen for NO REASON out of NOWHERE!?!”

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