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Polycythemia Vera Herbal Treatment

A stem cell disorder characterized by a malignant pain hyperplastic bone marrow disorder is known as polycythemia vera. The lab tests will show elevated levels of red blood cells along with platelets and white Blood cells. The symptoms that an individual experience are due to blood hyperviscosity. The exact cause of this disease is unknown but genetic mutation is most likely. Veraceton herbal product by Herbs Solutions By Nature is used for the Polycythemia Vera Herbal Treatment. Polycythemia Vera is a chronic condition that can’t be cured. Treatment focuses on dropping your amount of blood cells. In many cases, Polycythemia Vera Herbal Treatment can reduce the risk of complications from and ease signs and symptoms.

Polycythemia Vera Causes

The exact Causes of Polycythemia Vera is unknown but abnormality in keryotype progenitors have been found in cytological studies. These abnormalities include deletion of 20q and 13q, trisomy of 8, 9 and 1q and monosomy of 5 or 7. Abnormal stem cell which interferes with normal growth patterns are found in the bone marrow of these patients which causes neoplastic proliferation which is unregulated. Experts at herbs solutions by nature observed that there is present an abnormality in the signaling pathway of these cells which lead to abnormal proliferation.

Symptoms of Polycythemia Vera

The Polycythemia Vera Symptoms include tinnitus, angina, headache, vertigo, visual disturbances and dizziness. These all occur due to poor oxygenation of the organs which is due to increased viscosity of the blood. Other then these incidences of increased bleeding such as ecchymoses, epistaxis, gastrointestinal bleeding and gum bleeding are also seen in such individuals. Thrombus formations leading to stroke can occur. Other then this abdominal pain due to peptic ulceration and budd-chiari syndrome, splenomegaly and pruritus is also observed in such individuals by the experts at Herbs Solutions By Nature.


Diagnosis of Polycythemia Vera

The blood of such individual shows increased red blood cell mass with normal or decreased plasma level. The RBC’s count and measurement of plasma volume is done with the help of nuclear medicine test which uses radio-chrome labeled red blood cells. The white blood cell count is also elevated usually >12,000/µL and platelets count more then 400,000-800,000/µL. Coagulation tests, bone marrow studies and vitamin B-12 level check can also be done. The imaging will show enlarged spleen and sometimes hyperplastic bone marrow is also visible.

Polycythemia Vera Differential Diagnosis

The disease should be differentiated from chronic myelogenous leukemia and secondary polycthemia.

Complication of Polycythemia Vera

The Complication of Polycythemia Vera that can occur include uncontrolled bleeding and thrombotic complications leading to stroke.

Prognosis of Polycythemia Vera

It is a chronic disease with several complications which can negatively affect the Polycythemia Vera prognosis. 10 – 14 % individuals die due to thrombosis and 6 – 30% due to hemorrhagic complications. Acute leukemia, fibrosis and peptic ulcers development chances also increase but these complications are rarely life threatening.

Polycythemia Vera Natural Treatment

Two main invasive interventions are done for Polycythemia Vera Treatment first phlebotomy and second bloodletting. But these both procedures are invasive. The best herbal medication today available in market for the management of this disease is “Veraceton” herbal product by Herbs Solutions By Nature. It is a product made up of 100% natural herbs so is free from any unwanted side effects. While Polycythemia Vera is considered a chronic condition without a cure, many Polycythemia Vera Herbal Treatment available that help regulate the condition. Polycythemia Vera Natural Treatment connected symptoms in a short span of time.

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