7 Herbal Treatments for Uveitis

Herbal Treatment for Uveitis

Uveitis is the inflammation of the internal tissue of eye called as uvea. Sometimes this inflammation does not reside up to uvea but as well involves lens, retina and optic nerves. The inflammation gradually degenerates the tissue thus progressive loss of vision is reported and ultimately can also lead to blindness if not treated timely. Learn some strategies you can take to reduce your risk of this condition and the treatment options available to you in case of a diagnosis. You should always get Herbal Treatment for Uveitis to avoid complications.

Uvea is the middle part of the three coats of the eye. This further consists of the iris, ciliary body and the choroid. Inflammation of any of these parts is termed uveitis. Based on the part of the uvea involved, uveitis may be Anterior (involving the iris), Posterior (involving the choroid) Intermediate (involving the ciliary body), or Panuveitis (involving all the parts).

Generally all the Symptoms of Uveitis are associated with eventual loss of vision. Hazy and blurred eyesight, severe pain in the eye, photosensitivity or sensitivity to light, Blood shot eyes, constriction of pupils and changes in the color of the eye are the main symptoms of uveitis and Iritis.


Natural Treatment for Uveitis

The Treatment of Uveitis is generally started with a course of steroids. This is done in order to decrease the swelling and inflammation of the eye. This is generally applied first in order to limit the damage to the eye caused by the condition. Once this has begun, the patient can have further medicines for the condition, and the application of compresses in order to encourage the decrease of swollen tissue.

Say goodbye to uveitis and keep your eyes healthy by using the simple principles of legumes, herbs and amazing teas. This Herbal Treatment for Uveitis is working for those who follow the guidelines above and stick to this diet.

So, let’s start with the Natural Herbal Treatment for Uveitis, which goes like this.

Garlic Cloves for Uveitis

Garlic cloves are very effective for Natural Treatment for Uveitis. After each meal swallow 3-4 garlic cloves cut into halves, just like pills.

Garlic Cloves

Beetroot for Uveitis

Beetroot herb plays a vital role in Herbal Treatment for Uveitis. You can also, have 1 cup of boiled or baked beetroot on a daily basis.


Celandine Tea for Uveitis

Have 30 ml of greater celadine tea after every meal prepared as follows: Scald 1 tsp. of plant in 1 L of boiling water. Leave the tea to cool down, then pour it in a glass bottle and drink it completely. The tea dosage needs to be increased for an adult.

Celandine Tea

Carrot for Uveitis

Make sure that you eat a carrot every night before sleep, while during daytime eat onion and horseradish.


Papaya for Uveitis

Keep your eyes closed while holding a poultice made out of mashed ripe papaya to treat puffy eyes. Apply the poultice for 15 minutes two times per day.


Turmeric for Uveitis

Turmeric can also be extremely helpful in Herbal Treatment for Uveitis. It is comparatively new which is not astonishing as western world has also started observing the benefits of this her now. Turmeric has very influential antioxidant properties that can defend as well as boost the performance of our immune system. Various studies have confirmed that turmeric could help in the decrease of chronic uveitis symptoms also. Quite a few substances that hold powerful antioxidants could be used as add-on treatments. As well turmeric, Vitamin C and E are a few of them.


Herbs for Uveitis

Herbs for Uveitis are a way to strengthen and tone the body’s systems. As with any therapy, you should work with your health care provider before starting any treatment. If you are being treated for uveitis, tell all of your providers about any herbs you are considering taking.


Protect your eyes by using Garasonne eye drops and make sure you stay away from places full of smoke.
After 1-2 weeks you will see the first results during in the next 2-3 months you will get better from this Uveitis condition.

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