Post Polio Syndrome

Post Polio Syndrome – Comprehensive Overview

Herbal Treatment for Post Polio Syndrome

Post Polio Syndrome actually refers to the cluster of possibly disabling symptoms and sings which appears decades- average of around 30-40 years followed by the initial illness of polio. As per few studies, approximately half the individuals who suffered polio at their young age can experience some effects of such disease several years’ later-PPS. Herbs solutions by nature offers Polpeton, a product which can effectively and efficiently treat PPS. The product is the physical form of prolong research and experiments done in order to treat the condition successfully. Herbal Treatment for Post Polio Syndrome options designed and formulated for curing this condition.

Symptoms of Post Polio Syndrome

Certain symptoms and signs of Post Polio Syndrome include general exhaustion and fatigue with least activity, progressive joint and muscle pain and weakness, swallowing or breathing problems, muscle atrophy, breathing disorders related to sleep like for example sleep apnea, reduce tolerance of chilly temperatures. In majority of individuals, PPS progress gradually, with new Symptoms of Post Polio Syndrome and signs followed by stability periods.

Causes of Post Polio Syndrome

Nobody knows the exact Symptoms and Causes of Post Polio Syndrome to appear. However, the theory which is most accepted about its cause lies upon the concept of the degenerating nerve cells. In addition to this, when the poliovirus actually infects a body, it tends to affect the nerve cells named motor neuron- specifically those in the spinal cord, which carry electrical impulses, messages, between a brain and muscles. Every neuron basically consists of 3 basic components: axon, cell body, dendrites. Polio infections usually leaves numerous of such motor neurons damaged or destroyed. In order to compensate the shortage, remaining neurons develop new fibers, resulting to enlarge the motor units those surviving. Interestingly, this promotes the recovery of your muscle usage, however whilst places additional stress on your nerve cell body in order to nourish extra fibers. As per another accepted theory, initial illness could have created autoimmune reaction, triggering the immune system of a body to attack the normal cell.

Post Polio Syndrome Complications

According to the experts of Herbs Solutions By Nature, Post polio syndrome is not often life-threatening; however severe weakness of muscle can result to complications such as loss of balance, dehydration, Malnutrition, pneumonia, acute respiratory failure, and osteoporosis.

Post Polio Syndrome

Diagnosis Of Post Polio Syndrome

Certain tests to Diagnosis of Post Polio Syndrome may include nerve conduction studies, electromyography (EMG), Imaging, muscle biopsy and blood tests. However doctor may look for three possible indicators: Prior diagnosis of polio, gradual onset and long interval post recovery.

Time To See Your Doctor

In case you are experiencing fatigue or weakness, getting worse then it’s high time to see the doctor.

Natural Treatment for Post Polio Syndrome

There is no cure. Post Polio Syndrome Natural Treatment is focused on controlling symptoms so the individual can remain active and productive.

Electrostimulation of auricular acupuncture points has been shown to be an effective Post Polio Syndrome Alternative Treatment in individuals with post polio. In one study, all 12 participants obtained good or excellent results.

Post Polio Syndrome Natural Treatment, Symptoms, Causes and Diagnosis

Since the symptoms vary more often, there is no such specific treatment. Herbal Treatment for Post Polio Syndrome to manage the symptoms plus help making the patient independent and comfortable is the goal of Post Polio Syndrome Treatment. Certain therapies your doctors may suggest you include physical therapy (strengthen muscles) and multi-disciplinary rehabilitation approach in order to manage the problem efficiently, doctors could prescribe you medications in order to help you with fatigue or pain. Polpeton, a product offered by Herbs Solutions By Nature is a most recommended product by its users who claims it as an effective Natural Treatment for Post Polio Syndrome. It is prepared from 100% natural ingredients and have no side effects.

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