Am I At Risk If My Sister Has Infertility?

In general, infertility is a personal reproductive health problem. It relates to basically a committed married couple who have been trying to have a child even after having unprotected sex for a year. After having no success in their parenthood efforts, they consult doctors at the best IVF center in Bangalore or in their local city to know the root cause. The experts offer the best treatment after going through the results of the prescribed checkups.

Is there any common connection of infertility among females of a family or group?

Infertility could be a common difficulty among women at a workplace, in a social group, or in a family, especially if women are sisters. It would be extravagant to say the other woman would have fertility issues (difficulties in becoming pregnant) if one has. However, there is a genetic connection with infertility if two women are sisters. In short, you need to worry a little if your sister has infertility. You might face difficulties in becoming pregnant and giving birth to a healthy & cute baby.

It is baseless to blame genetic connection as the only reason behind infertility/fertility problems in women or even in men. The causes of infertility differ from one to another and relate to several health conditions and lifestyles. Here are some health conditions running in your family that may cause you to have infertility:

  • Ovarian Reserve – Usually, a female has around two million eggs from her birth. Prior to your puberty, you lose approximately 120, 000 eggs every year. As you start menstruating, you lose around 12 000 eggs each year. Your genes have a greater role in determining the number of eggs you have at your birth. You might have a lower supply of eggs if your sister has a reduced ovarian reserve.
  • Endometriosis – It is a health condition, which lets the cells that copy the uterine lining grow to the outer part of the uterus. The tissue acts in favor of the hormonal signals causing sheds and menstruation. But, it goes onto other body parts of a woman. And due to this, you (woman) have severe menstrual cramps, painful sexual intercourse, fatigue, and heavy bleeding. Endometriosis tissue causes infertility when it gets connected to other parts in your pelvic regions like fallopian tubes and ovaries. According to a study, it affects around 15% of women and makes them have difficulties conceiving a baby. And it probably runs in families, particularly sisters and mothers. You are at a higher risk of such a condition if your sister, mother, or grandmother has it.
  • PCOS – Standing for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, it is a reproductive health condition, which causes females to have an imbalance in their reproductive hormones, a sluggish metabolism. It has a bad impact on your overall health in several ways. And compromise in your fertility is one of those health conditions. It is very common and affects one woman in every 10 women of mom-to-be age. According to fertility specialists across the globe, you have a higher risk of having PCOS if your mother, aunt, grandmother, or sister had it. They are conducting research work on finding the responsible genes that lead women to have PCOS.
  • Early menopause – It relates to having a lower ovarian reserve. You might have early menopause if your mother or sister experienced it. And early menopause will be a prime cause of your infertility.
  • Uterine fibroids – There is no clear data on how uterine fibroids are genetically connected and affect the fertility of a woman. Studies are going on. However, a few studies suggest that you are at higher risk of having uterine fibroids buildup if your sister, mother, or grandmother had it. Your risk is three times higher. And the severity level depends on the number of females in your family who suffered from it.

What should you do?

You should consult a respective doctor at the best IVF center in India if you won’t have success in becoming pregnant naturally. The doctor will prescribe a few tests to know the root cause and suggest the best-suited fertility treatment to help you in conceiving a baby. Further, the expert will produce a few instructions that are as follows:

  • Take healthy diet
  • Avoid packed, fried, spicy, and oily food items
  • Stay away from foods containing trans fats
  • Exercise at least for 30 minutes a day
  • Say no to alcohol, smoking, and allied beverages
  • Follow your doctor’s advice


Infertility has a genetic connection. However, it is the result of several health conditions running in your family, your own health, and the lifestyle you live. To treat it well, you should consult an experienced doctor at a fertility clinic in your city.

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