All There Is To Know About Emphysema

What is Emphysema?

Abnormal enlargement of airspaces, distal to terminal bronchioles which are marked by destruction of alveoli with absence of any pronounced fibrosis is known is Emphysema. It is a type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and normally occurs in association of bronchitis. There are three main morphological types. There are several causes observed of this disease. The Hysmeton herbal product by herbs solutions by nature is its treatment.

Emphysema Causes:

Several Emphysema Causes are determined yet by ezperts at herbs solutions by nature this include cigarette smoking, protease-antiprotease imbalance, intravenous drug abuse, immune deficiencies, vasculitis,connective tissue disorders such as cutis laxa, marfan syndrome and ehlers-danlos syndrome and an autosomaly recessive storage disorder known as salla disease.

Emphysema Symptoms:

The most common Symptoms of Emphysema are shortness of breath. Performance of previously normal activity becomes difficult and only then this shortness of breath is noticed. This happens due to formation of air pockets in the lung in which air is trapped and breathing becomes difficult. Other symptoms that might be experienced includes wheezing, cough, pain and chest tightness, loss of appetite, depression, bad sleep quality and decreased sexual function. The symptoms tend to worsen over time so is known as slowly progress disease.


Emphysema Types:

There are three morphological types of emphysema. This includes centriacinar emphysema which is initiated in respiratory bronchioles and then spreads, mostly happens due to cigarette smoking. Panaciner emphysema involves whole of the alveolus equally mostly of lower part of the lung. It is caused due to homozygous alpha antitrypsin deficiency. Paraseptal emphysema involves distal airway mostly including alveolar duct and sacs. This can lead to compression of lung tissue present around the affected area.

Emphysema Differential Diagnosis:

The emphysema should be differentiated from many other diseases including bronchiectasis, bronchitis, chronic bronchitis and lymphangioleiomyomatosis.

Emphysema Diagnosis:

Emphysema Diagnose can be done on basis of laboratory studies, imaging studies and other tests. The arterial blood gas analysis will show hypoxemia without hypercapnia while with the progression of disease hypercapnia develops. Hematocrit will show polycythemia and chronic respiratory acidosis will be marked by elevated bicarbonate value. The serum alpha-antitrypsin level below 11 mmol/L and sputum evaluation will show macrophages. The sputum will be purulent and the streptococcus pneumonia and homophiles influenza can be seen on gram staining. Chest radiography will show pulmonary hypertension, high resolution computed tomography and pulmonary function test can also be done.

Emphysema Prognosis:

Several tests for evaluation of Emphysema Prognosis are done. This include forced expiratory volume, blood gas measurement, body mass index measurement, and measurement of diffusion capacity of carbon monoxide. Points are allocatedon the bases of tests with maximum survival rate of 80% with 0 – 2 points and least 18% survival rate with 7 – 10 points as determined by the experts at herbs solutions by nature.

Emphysema Treatment:

The best Emphysema Natural Treatment is to quit smoking. Bronchiodialators, phosphodiestrase inhibitors, anti inflammatories and antibiotics are given but these drugs have side effects. Hysmeton an herbal product by Herbs Solutions By Nature is recommended for the treatment of this disease. As it is made of natural products, it is free from any potential side effects.

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