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4 Reasons to Start Doing Nothing but Pull-Ups


Well, it is time you take a look back at your fitness regime.

In case you’re already doing it, you might still read the rest of the blog to find out if you have missed something.

After all, it is about something you love doing.

Many others will do the same.

In the throngs of exercises and workouts and meal plans and the ‘muscle building madness’; pull-ups stand out as one of the most effective workouts.


Well, it is a workout that makes an almost equal contribution to muscle building and strength gaining. From Athletes to the Military to the regular gym-goer to the show business person to fat loss planners to many others, the pull-up is a popular and entertaining exercise.

You still do not go for pull-ups?

Well, you just might start doing it.

It’s because you might want to give your body that touch, which it has been waiting for so long.

And if you’re doubtful about starting so, then it is time you find out some reasons to do so.

Why Starting Pull-ups Can Be a Good Idea  

Before we begin the reasons, you need to know that Pull-ups come under the category of Calisthenics.

Calisthenics means bodyweight exercises. In a simple way, it means that exercises that done using your own body weight. These are affordable exercises that do not need equipment.

However, a pull-up bar might be needed for pull-ups, and it is a special requirement for only this workout.

However, there are alternatives.

And suppose you need to buy a pull-up bar and make your home into a temporary gym. In that case, you may go for an advantageous variant of personal loans such as the unemployed loans with no guarantor (if your earnings are a bit restricted at the moment.

Well, it is time to make sure that you get the reasons to start pulling up pretty soon.

Reason 1: It Is One Workout with Multiple Benefits

Like in many other things, a workout is also divided into simple vs compound exercises.

And you have probably guessed that the pull-up is a compound exercise.

You are right.

Usually, a pull-up is done to build strength and get a good physique at the same time. But, it is also true that pull-ups are also done for targeting specific muscle groups.

This is where you can use a pull-up in the most FLEXIBLE ways.

You may use alternate versions of the pull-up to increase GRIP and STRENGTH.

Some pro bodybuilders often take the help of additional weight to build more strength.

You may again use specific pull-up types to train your particular muscles and help them grow in strength and size.

Your fat loss journey can be effective with pull-ups as well.

 Reason 2: Reaching Your Goals Faster

Pull-ups can be the best bodyweight exercise (Calisthenics) that is used to build muscle and strength.

Okay…you have been reading that many times…sorry!

Pull-ups deliver faster results. And fast means here very, very fast.

Suppose you are consistent with a pull-up and used part of that money you gained from online money lenders to get yourself a fitness trainer. In that case, you can say to yourself that you are going to be one of the few who can make a ‘jaw-dropping’ transformation within a really short period of time.

All you need to do is to be consistent with it.

Pull-ups can be addictive. Because it mainly involves the upper body, which is the dominant part of the body in terms of strength, pull-ups can be adapted much faster. They can definitely provide you with that dopamine boost to keep you happy throughout the day.

When are you starting to do it?

Reason 3: It Can Build that Much Desired V-Shape

A lot of people desire the V-shape.

It t is also one of the strongest motivations for which a person starts to work out.

And to be honest, a V shape looks just terrific.

To be honest, pull-ups can be the right workout to get you the V-shaped PERFECTLY.

The pull-up is an exercise that puts all the stress in the shoulder area. But, that’s not all. If you do it, you’ll realize your chest muscles; your arms, your back muscles are involved in the process.

And this exercise will get you ripped in no time.

But, above all, with the right push-up reps, timings, and diet, you are going to get that V shape you have desired.

And you’re gonna get it all fast.

Reason 4: Your Joints Won’t Be Affected

Well, pull-ups look like they’re sabotaging the joints. But they do the complete opposite in reality.

In this regard, it must be brought to your attention that your shoulder joints and the elbow joints are the joints that are put to work during this workout.

Since the movement is simple, the workout rather does well than bad.

That is why you need to talk to a fitness trainer and put your body to slow but steady movements while doing pull-ups. To make the workout more relaxing and fun, couple a bit of push-up with it and other Calisthenics workouts such as crunches.

To Conclude

One common thing for both an unemployed loan and pull-up is that both come with many benefits.

You do one thing, and you get many in return!

Always remember, pull-ups are simple workouts with minimal endeavors. But, simple things require complex planning too. If you are saying yes to that, then it is highly possible that you are making great changes to your body and giving your fitness a shot of power and boost.

If fitness is about building strength and muscle at the same time, then pull-ups can be your fitness companion.

Are you ready for this?

When are you starting it then?

By Herbs Solutions By Nature

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