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Stretching Exercises: 5 Benefits of Stretching That Improve Your Quality of Life

Exercise is a sure way to elevate your life and improve your overall well-being, but it can prove especially useful for people who suffer from metabolic problems.

Different types of workout suit different types of people; however, there are phases that each person should go through in their workout to make sure their body is prepared and maintained and to minimize the chance of injury as well.

These phases are warming up prior to exercising, doing the exercise, and then finally stretching the activated muscles.

Stretching Exercises

During warm-up, heart rate increases, consequently increasing blood flow to the muscles and, in turn, enabling more blood to get to the muscles; this lessens your chances of getting injured, especially during weightlifting and other endurance training.

Whereas stretching helps lessen muscle soreness after a workout, strengthens your muscles and increases your range of motion. Not to mention how it is a great way to cool down after an exercise session.

Despite the importance of these steps, most people who work out in a non-professional setting tend to skip one or more of these phases (let’s hope they don’t overlook the entire workout routine). The most neglected one is probably the concluding stretches.

However, stretching can have life-changing benefits for your physical and mental health, boosting your general well-being and enhancing your quality of life.

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Let’s get to know a few benefits you can obtain from stretching regularly:

1 – Straightens Posture

Among other low-impact exercises, stretching can help significantly improve your posture by pulling back your shoulders, straightening your back, and fixing neck positioning.

Stretching the neck, shoulders, and back for a short period of time daily will make you stand taller and straighter because it helps reduce the tension and lengthen the muscles; it will also help prevent injuries.

2 – Lowers Blood Pressure

In order to perform stretches, you need to be calm and slow, which will lower your heart rate, especially after an intense workout session.

Lowered heart rate will, in turn, lead to lowered blood pressure. Just 10 minutes of stretching is enough to make you feel even a bit more calm, refreshed, and relaxed.

3 – Eases Labour

As mentioned above, stretching is generally beneficial, but for mums-to-be, it can prove to be especially helpful during birth.

Regular stretches of the pelvic area lead to an easier and quicker delivery, significantly reducing the anxiety linked to the pain of labour and giving birth.

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4 – Improves Sleep

Stretching may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are preparing to go to sleep, but it should be!

We’re not saying you shouldn’t grab a good book or watch an entertaining show, but before bed, consider including some stretches into your nighttime routine, especially if you’re suffering from sleep problems or you wake up not feeling rested.

Bedtime stretched will relax the muscles and prepare you for restful sleep.

5 – Boosts Your Mood

Similar to other exercises, stretching stimulates the release of endorphins, aka “the body’s feel-good chemicals”.

Endorphins are known to help reduce stress, improve pain management, and enhance overall well-being. They are released during many activities, including exercise, massage, or eating an enjoyable meal.

You will definitely notice that you’ll feel a lot better after stretching, even for a short period of time, since it helps release the tension and release all these good hormones in your body.

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