Herbal Supplement for Lipoma: Shrink Lipomas Naturally with These Remedies

We’ve all had that experience of curious about our own body and wondering, what exactly is that bump on my arm? Sometimes, we’re lucky enough to identify the lump right away, but sometimes it can take some research to discover the cause. In this article, you’ll find herbs and other natural treatments that can shrink lipomas naturally. You’ll also learn how to make your Herbal Supplement for Lipoma at home to save money and avoid unnecessary ingredients you don’t need in your diet or skincare routine!

Herbal Supplement for Lipoma

Do You Know What Lipoma Is?

A lipoma is a growth of fat cells that get together to form a small, benign tumor. They are usually found just under the skin and feel rubbery to the touch. While they are not cancerous, they can grow and become uncomfortable. If you are looking for a natural treatment for your lipoma, herbal supplements can help.

Natural Remedies for Shrinking the Lipoma

Herbal Supplement for Lipoma can help you to shrink your lipomas naturally. This Natural Treatment for Lipoma uses a blend of herbs that have been traditionally used to treat this condition. The herbs in this supplement work together to reduce the lipoma’s size and help prevent it from returning. This supplement is safe to take and has no side effects.

Green Tea and Oolong Tea

Both green and oolong tea contain polyphenols, which are known to fight cancer cells. One study showed that green tea polyphenols could kill up to 80% of lipoma cells. While there is no cure for lipomas, these teas may help shrink them naturally. Simply drink 2-3 cups of tea daily or apply a warm compress soaked in tea to the affected area.


Curcumin, a compound in turmeric, has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. A 2008 study found that curcumin may help shrink lipomas. You can take turmeric supplements or add spice to your food. Be sure to talk to your doctor before taking any supplements, as they can interact with medications.

Aloe Vera Juice

To make aloe vera juice, extract the gel from the plant and mix it with water. You can drink it straight or add it to smoothies or juices. Drink aloe vera juice once or twice per day for best results.

Hibiscus Tea

Drinking hibiscus tea is a great way to shrink lipomas naturally. This herbal supplement is effective in reducing the size of lipomas. To make hibiscus tea, steep one teaspoon of dried hibiscus flowers in hot water for 10 minutes. Drink this tea three times per day until your lipoma has shrunk.

Ginger (Ginger tea)

Fresh ginger root tea is a great Herbal Supplement for Lipoma. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory, so it can help reduce the size of your lipoma. Plus, ginger has detoxifying properties that can help cleanse your body and shrink your lipoma. Simmer fresh ginger root in water for 10 minutes to make ginger tea. Strain and drink as needed.

Flaxseed Oil

The use of flaxseed oil as a natural, holistic remedy is prevalent. It is made from the flax plant and has some health benefits. Flaxseed oil has been popularly used for its omega-fatty acids when consumed. But when applied directly to the skin, it also delivers nutrients to the dermal tissues. Lipomas can be treated with flaxseed oil and reduced inflammation, allowing for an easier management experience.

Coconut Oil

Lauric acid, the main fatty acid in coconut oil, has been shown to kill Candida albicans. A type of yeast that can cause infections (Candidiasis) and other diseases. Lauric acid is also effective against other bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Coconut oil is often used as a natural treatment for lipoma.

Essential Oils

Lipomas are usually benign, meaning they are not cancerous. However, they can grow and become quite large. If you are looking for a way to shrink your lipoma naturally, consider using essential oils.

A few different essential oils have been shown to be effective in shrinking lipomas. One study showed that a mixture of Lavandula angustifolia, Curcuma longa, and Zingiber officinale essential oils reduced the size of lipomas in rats.

Another study found that applying Citrus limon essential oil topically helped reduce human lipomas’ size.

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