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Herbal Treatment for Osteomyelitis


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Herbal Treatment for Osteomyelitis

Herbal Treatment for Osteomyelitis also eliminates the disease process that is behind Bone Pain. Osteomyelitis Herbal Treatment relief from acute pain, the Herbal Treatment for Osteomyelitis with an herbal supplement for bone pain will work towards the root extraction of the disease. Herbal Treatment for Osteomyelitis can help boost the immune system to help fight the infection. The herbal supplement is the top natural product for Osteomyelitis bone pain that results in excessive soreness and lameness in the body. The body feels bruised due to Osteomyelitis bone pain with soreness and lameness. Herbal Treatment for Osteomyelitis isa great help in treating this condition during fracture and penetrating injuries of bone.

Osteomyelitis was once thought to be not curable, but with surgery and strong antibiotics, treatment is possible. You may have to wear a cast or splint to let the infected bones and joints to heal further efficiently. Natural Remedies for Osteomyelitis can help boost the immune system to help fight the infection. If you have sepsis or any other life-threatening situation then never try to be your own doctor. Don’t experiment on how to treat sepsis. Let doctors do that. Use Natural Remedies for Osteomyelitis only to Herbal Treatment for Osteomyelitis your prescribed sepsis treatment.

Herbal Supplement for Osteomyelitis

Herbal supplement is the ideal natural prescription for pain in vertebral bones when all the vertebral bones of the back are extremely sensitive and painful. Herbal Supplement for Osteomyelitis Herbal Treatment helps to reduce bone pain and also proven effective in repairing and reuniting the fractured bone. The herbal supplement is the ideal Herbal Treatment for Osteomyelitis when fever with chill accompanies Bone Pains due to Osteomyelitis. Osteomyelitis Herbal Treatment is aimed at getting rid of the bone infection and reducing the damage to the affected bone and the surrounding tissues. Herbal Supplement for Osteomyelitis only to herbal treatment your prescribed sepsis treatment. Herbs Solutions By Nature offering Herbal Supplement for Osteomyelitis Herbal Treatment. It is totally natural and free of synthetic chemicals. It is a powerful mixture of carefully selected powerful herbs that have no side effects.

The benefits of Herbal Products have been acknowledged worldwide. The Herbal supplement is the most widely used form of herbal medicine all over the world although Herbal Supplement is classified as dietary supplement and approved by clinically tested. Natural Herbal Treatment with Herbal Supplement is a safe and effective way. Today, we will offer you a Natural Product for Osteomyelitis Herbal Treatment that you can try out.

There are several Herbal Products exporters and suppliers in the market. Make sure you are selecting the exporter with due sagacity. “Osteton” Herbal Product is one of the best Herbal Supplements for Osteomyelitis to treat the condition effectively. The combination of different potent Herbs for Osteomyelitis Herbal Treatment is truly effective. It is a powerful combination of carefully chosen potent herbs that have no side effects. They can help people create treatment plans that use this product, Herbal Supplement, and lifestyle changes to promote health. So you can use this herbal product without any hesitation and doubt.

Benefits of Osteton Herbal Supplement

Benefits of Osteton ton Herbal Supplement for Osteomyelitis Herbal Treatment includes are:

  • It helps to kill the infection.
  • It can reduce pain, swelling, and redness.
  • It also a better option for reducing the symptoms.
  • It reduces lower back pain if the spine is involved.
  • It reduces swelling of the ankles, feet, and legs.

Usage Instruction

Osteton Herbal Supplement Usage Instruction:

  • The normal dose is 2 pills each day right after a meal. Do not take more than the prescribed dose on your own.
  • This Herbal Supplement can be swallowed with water or milk.

Alternative Treatment for Osteomyelitis

You can use Natural Remedies for Osteomyelitis as a supportive treatment.

  • Herbs are a way to strengthen and tone the body’s systems.
  • Echinacea may help strengthen your immune system.
  • Astragal us may help strengthen the immune system.
  • Herbs may help stimulate your immune system, reducing inflammation, pain, swelling, and fever.

Disease Information

What is Osteomyelitis?

Osteomyelitis is an inflammation or swelling of bone tissue that is usually the result of an infection. Bone infection may occur for many different reasons and can affect children or adults.

Osteomyelitis may occur as a result of a bacterial bloodstream infection, sometimes called bacteremia, or sepsis, that spreads to the bone. This type is most common in infants and children and usually affects their long bones like the femur (thighbone) or humerus (upper arm bone). When osteomyelitis affects adults, it often involves the vertebral bones along the spinal column. The source of the blood infection is usually Staphylococcus aureus, although it may be caused by a different type of bacteria or fungal organism

Osteomyelitis can also occur from a nearby infection due to a traumatic injury, frequent medication injections, a surgical procedure or use of a prosthetic device. In addition, individuals with diabetes who develop foot ulcers are more susceptible. In any of these situations, the organism has a direct portal of entry into the affected bone.

Individuals with weakened immune systems are more likely to develop osteomyelitis. This includes people with sickle cell disease or HIV or those receiving immunosuppressive medications like chemotherapy or steroids.

Symptoms of Osteomyelitis

Symptoms of osteomyelitis vary, depending on the cause and whether it is a rapid or slow onset of infection. The following are the most common symptoms of osteomyelitis; however, each individual may experience symptoms differently:

  • Fever (may be high when osteomyelitis occurs as the result of a blood infection)
  • Pain and tenderness in the affected area
  • Irritability in infants who can’t express pain
  • Feeling ill
  • Acute bone pain
  • Swelling of the affected area
  • Redness in the affected area
  • Warmth in the affected area
  • Difficulty moving joints near the affected area
  • Difficulty bearing weight or walking
  • A new limp
  • A stiff back (with vertebral involvement)

The symptoms of osteomyelitis may resemble other medical conditions or problems. Always consult your doctor for a diagnosis.

Causes of Osteomyelitis

In most cases, a bacteria called Staphylococcus aureus, a type of staph bacteria, causes osteomyelitis.

Certain chronic conditions like diabetes may increase your risk for osteomyelitis.

These Causes of Osteomyelitis includes:

  • Diabetes
  • Recent or an old injury
  • Placement of metal rods in the bones
  • Hemodialysis
  • Drug consumption through injections
  • Lack of proper blood supply
  • Recent trauma

Who Gets Osteomyelitis?

Only 2 out of every 10,000 people get osteomyelitis. The condition affects children and adults, although in different ways. Certain conditions and behaviors that weaken the immune system increase a person’s risk for osteomyelitis, including:

  • Diabetes (most cases of osteomyelitis stem from diabetes)
  • Sickle cell disease
  • HIV or AIDS
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Intravenous drug use
  • Alcoholism
  • Long-term use of steroids
  • Hemodialysis
  • Poor blood supply
  • Recent injury
  • Bone surgery, including hip and knee replacements, also increase the chance of bone infection.

How is Osteomyelitis Diagnosed?

The provider treating your child will first do a thorough history and physical exam that may indicate signs of osteomyelitis like those listed above. An additional workup generally includes blood tests that look at white blood cells as well as markers for inflammation that are usually elevated during an infection. A blood culture may also be done to look for organisms in the blood that may be causing the infection.

X-rays are taken of the affected area. However, they may be normal in early stages of the infection. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or bone scans may be recommended to identify the cause of bone pain or inflammation. Computed tomography (CT) scans can be helpful in later stages of osteomyelitis.

Finally, bone aspirations or biopsies are useful in the diagnosis of osteomyelitis and to determine the most appropriate treatment. In children, these procedures are most often done in the operating room under general anesthesia.

Treatment for Osteomyelitis

Figuring out if a person has osteomyelitis is the first step in treatment. It’s also surprisingly difficult. Doctors rely on X-rays, blood tests, MRI, and bone scans to get a picture of what’s going on. A bone biopsy helps determine the type of organism, typically bacteria, causing the infection so the right medication can be prescribed.

Treatment focuses on stopping infection in its tracks and preserving as much function as possible. Most people with osteomyelitis are treated with antibiotics, surgery, or both.

Antibiotics help bring the infection under control and often make it possible to avoid surgery. People with osteomyelitis usually get antibiotics for several weeks through an IV, and then switch to a pill.

More serious or chronic osteomyelitis requires surgery to remove the infected tissue and bone. Osteomyelitis surgery prevents the infection from spreading further or getting so bad that amputation is the only remaining option.

Preventing Osteomyelitis

The best way to prevent osteomyelitis is to keep things clean. If you or your child has a cut, especially a deep cut, wash it completely. Flush out any open wound under running water for five minutes, then bandage it in sterile bandages.

If you have chronic osteomyelitis, make sure your doctor knows about your medical history so you can work together to keep the condition under control. If you have diabetes, pay close attention to your feet and contact your doctor at the first sign of infection.

The sooner you treat osteomyelitis, the better. In cases of acute osteomyelitis, early treatment prevents the condition from becoming a chronic problem that requires ongoing treatment. Besides the pain and inconvenience of repeated infections, getting osteomyelitis under control early provides the best chance for recovery.


Ingredients Detail

Ingredient Details

Osteton contains the following herbs that have been combined together in precise amounts to make it a powerful formula::

  • Serpentine                     75 mg
  • Arillus Myristicae        60 mg
  • Elephant Creeper        30 mg
  • Nutmeg                         30 mg
  • Saffron                           19 mg


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