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Herbal Treatment for Burning Mouth Syndrome


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Herbal Treatment for Burning Mouth Syndrome

If you have one of the known underlying Causes of Burning Mouth Syndrome, symptoms may arise at any time during disease and treatment. Take notice of the fact that physicians and researchers are taking your condition seriously. In fact, they are discovering an extensive range of treatment options and looking for safe and effective treatments in prescription medications, natural therapies, herbal supplement and Natural Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome. Some common medical conditions that can cause burning mouth symptoms. Natural remedies may help relieve pain in those suffering from burning mouth syndrome. Natural Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome can help reduce the stress load while you are searching for relief from the symptoms. Herbal Treatment for Burning Mouth Syndrome may take time to relieve the pain.

Natural Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome can include home-based ingredients, alternative health care, and lifestyle changes. It would appear that the combination of lifestyle changes and alternative health practices offers the best results for several patients. However, some underlying conditions need very serious attention and become the primary focus of Herbal Treatment for Burning Mouth Syndrome, at least initially. Burning Mouth Syndrome Herbal Treatment can also help patients who are experiencing bleeding gums along with caries and bad breath. Herbal Treatment for Burning Mouth Syndrome may be helpful for sores that are painful, red and inflamed, with burning pain that is worse from warm drinks and aggravated by heat of any kind.

Herbal Supplement for Burning Mouth Syndrome

An Herbal Supplement for Burning Mouth Syndrome Herbal Treatment appears to be effective in treating burning mouth. Herbal Treatment for Burning Mouth Syndrome seems the combination increases the blood flow to the tongue which encourages a healthier response from the pain neurons. Herbal Supplement for Burning Mouth Syndrome should improve your symptoms. Since it helps hydrate the tissue, it also gets rid of dry mouth and the related burning sensation. Herbal Treatment for Burning Mouth Syndrome helps in treating related symptoms like the lack of proper hydration due to the lack of thirst.

The benefits of herbal products have been acknowledged worldwide. Herbal supplement for Burning Mouth Syndrome is the most widely used form of herbal medicine all over the world although herbal supplements are classified as dietary supplement and approved by clinically tested. Natural Herbal Treatment with herbal supplement is a safe and effective way. Today, we will offer you a natural product for Burning Mouth Syndrome Herbal Treatment that you can try out.

There are several herbal products exporters and suppliers in the market. Make sure you are selecting the exporter with due sagacity. “Breneton” herbal product is one of the best herbal supplement to treat the condition effectively. The combination of different potent Herbs for Burning Mouth Syndrome Herbal Treatment is truly effective. It is a powerful combination of carefully chosen potent herbs that have no side effects. They can help people create treatment plans that use this product, herbal supplement, and lifestyle changes to promote health. So you can use this herbal product without any hesitation and doubt.

Benefits of Breneton Herbal Supplement

Benefits of Breneton Herbal Supplement for Burning Mouth Syndrome Herbal Treatment.

  • It wills the burning sensation.
  • It helps to protect the skin from sun damage.
  • It helps reduce the stress load.
  • It reduces stress and seeks help for other health issues.
  • It relieves the symptoms of BMS.
  • It helps to reduce the discomfort, pain, dry mouth.

Usage Instruction

Breneton Herbal Supplement Usage Instruction:

  • The normal dose is 2 pills each day right after a meal. Do not take more than the prescribed dose on your own.
  • This Herbal Supplement can be swallowed with water or milk.

Alternative Treatment for Burning Mouth Syndrome

Some easy Natural Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome can provide relief and may temporarily stop the bleeding.

  • Drink plenty of fluids to help ease the feeling of dry mouth.
  • Gargling several times a day with an antiseptic mouthwash.
  • Burning Mouth Syndrome Treatment Baking Soda helps to relieve the discomfort.
  • Exercise and activities can help reduce the stress load while you are searching for relief from the symptoms.
  • Using an all-natural mouth rinse, or oil pulling, can provide some relief.

Disease Information

What is Burning Mouth Syndrome?

Burning mouth syndrome is the name for burning pain in your mouth that doesn’t have a known cause. Most often, the pain is on the tip of your tongue or roof of your mouth. But sometimes it’s in the front of your mouth or on the inner part of your lips. It often lasts for many years.

About a third of people who have burning mouth syndrome say it started after some kind of dental work, an illness, or a course of medication. But most can’t link it to any unusual event.

Symptom of Burning Mouth Syndrome

If you have burning mouth syndrome, your mouth can feel like you just drank hot coffee or had some hot soup. It feels different for each person. In general, burning mouth syndrome symptoms can include:

Burning feeling on the tongue, roof of the mouth, gums, inside of the cheeks, and in the back of the throat, which may be relieved with eating or drinking

  • Numbness or tingling of the tongue, which can come and go
  • Trouble swallowing
  • Dry mouth
  • Sore throat
  • Changes in taste, such as a bad taste of metal in your mouth

The pain may get worse throughout the day. If the burning doesn’t go away or gets worse, see your dentist or doctor.

Causes of Burning Mouth Syndrome

The exact cause for BMS is unknown. Cases have been linked to:

  • Nerve damage
  • A dental procedure
  • Nutritional deficiency (such as iron, zinc, or some B vitamins)
  • Menopause or other hormonal changes
  • Certain medicines (such as ACE inhibitors) used to treat high blood pressure
  • Extreme allergic reactions
  • Health conditions that alter taste or saliva production
  • Oral yeast infection (thrush)
  • Mental disorders (such as anxiety or depression)
  • Many times, more than one cause is present. Sometimes doctors can’t find the cause.

Diagnosis of Burning Mouth Syndrome

Your doctor will want to know about your symptoms and when they began. They’ll also ask if you have allergies, take any medications, or smoke or drink often. The doctor will examine your mouth and check for infection.

You may need several tests to rule out other medical issues. These include:

  • Allergy test to see if you have a reaction to a product or medication
  • Biopsy (the doctor removes a small piece of tissue from your mouth and sends it out for tests)
  • Blood tests to see if you have thyroid problems or diabetes
  • CT scan (several X-rays are taken from different angles then put together to show a more complete picture)
  • MRI (powerful magnets and radio waves combine to make detailed images)
  • Salivary flow tests to measure your saliva

Complications of Burning Mouth Syndrome

Burning mouth syndrome is a chronic pain condition and can affect your quality of life. It may take many doctor visits to diagnose the condition. The pain may last for months, even years. Some people have pain every day.

The pain may make you feel depressed, stressed, or anxious, making it hard to do everyday activities and sleep. Any type of chronic pain can lead to anxiety which is known to cause sleeping problems.

Treatment of Burning Mouth Syndrome

There is no specific cure for burning mouth syndrome. The best thing you can do is address your symptoms. Treatment is based on your symptoms, their severity, and the underlying cause. Possible treatment options include:

  • Products to produce saliva and relieve dry mouth
  • Vitamin supplements (such as iron, zinc, or vitamin B) to provide nutrition
  • Ointments (such as Capsaicin) to relieve pain
  • Depression or anxiety medicines to relieve pain and improve your nervous system

If your doctor thinks a certain medicine is causing BMS, they might suggest switching to a new one.

If your doctor can’t find a cause, they may recommend trying oral thrush medicines, B vitamin supplements, or antidepressants. These have been found to be effective in treating BMS.

Living with Burning Mouth Syndrome

Most cases of BMS improve on their own. Additional tips for easing your symptoms include:

  • Sucking on ice chips
  • Drinking plenty of liquids
  • Avoiding hot and spicy foods
  • Avoiding foods and drinks that are high in acid, like citrus fruit, soda, and coffee
  • Avoiding alcohol and tobacco products
  • Avoiding products that contain alcohol
  • Trying a new brand of toothpaste


Ingredients Detail

Ingredient Details

Breneton contains the following herbs that have been combined together in precise amounts to make it a powerful formula:

  • Operculina turpelthum           142.5 mg
  • Rheum Rhabarbarum               41.8 mg
  • Scammony                                      38 mg
  • Indian Olibanum Tree               16.3 mg
  • Ginger                                           16.3 mg
  • Torchwood Tree                          12.3 mg


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