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What is Hidradenitis Suppurativa?

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a constant disease of the apocrine glands, a form of sweat gland found on a number of parts of the body. For unknown causes, people with hidradenitis extend to blockage of their apocrine glands. This build up constant scarring and pus growth in the areas where there is skin to skin contact. The situation is alike acne, which is as well a disease of the sebaceous glands. Hidradenitis suppurativa is wide in people who have had acne. Hidradenitis suppurativa normally starts as red swellings in the groin or armpits. Over a period of hours to days the lesions increase and frequently open to the skin surface releasing clear to yellow fluid. The caught up area then cures with scarring.

The condition commonly remains for years with periods of flare ups and lessening. Hidradenitis suppurativa is limited to parts of the body that have apocrine glands. These parts are the axillae, areola of the nipple, periumbilical areas, groin, perineum and circumanal. A genetic tendency to Hidradenitis suppurativa does exist in various patients. Too much of sweating, often experienced in athletes and the people who hold too much weight, may add to blockage of the apocrine glands. On the other hand the disease may also be associated to constant worry (stress) and to cigarette smoking.

It is not caused by bad hygiene or directly by bad habits such as smoking, somewhat, it is a condition where the skin secretions, oil, and further substances are pushed deeper into the skin, thus affecting the skin tissues. The infection happens once the bacteria join the trapped sweat underneath the skin surface. This builds up Hidradenitis suppurativa symptoms.

Symptoms of Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Red tender bumps in the skin, blackheads small bumpy regions of skin containing blackheads and painful, pea-sized lumps. These lumps developed under skin might continue for years, enlarge and become swollen and inflamed. Leaking bumps or sores are as well obvious symptoms of hidradenitis suppurativa. The open wounds heal rather slowly; on the other hand they still form scars or tunnels under skin, if they are totally cured.

In various cases, the disease increasingly gets worse and involves different parts of body. Some people face only easygoing symptoms of excess weight, hormonal changes, stress, heat or excessive sweating can make the symptoms of hidradenitis suppurativa worse. Hidradenitis suppurativa is a badly understood situation and symptoms are often mistaken for other conditions, such as a boil, acne, an infection or inflammation of the hair follicle.

These symptoms of Hidradenitis Suppurativa generally include:

  • Leaking bumps or sores
  • Blackheads that generally appear in pairs or a "double-barreled" pattern
  • Red, tender bumps on the skin
  • Painful, pea-sized lumps

This skin condition is particularly uncomfortable for the afflicted person and may affect one or various areas of the body. Being obese or overweight will contribute to this problem, as the rubbing together of skin forms a perfect environment of bacteria and sweat where hidradenitis supperitiva can germinate. In these cases, the patient is advised to lose weight to help sustain the symptoms and pain. Other factors consist of stress, hormonal changes, heat or excessive perspiration, genetics and smoking.

Causes of Hidradenitis Suppurativa

The instant causes of Hidradenitis Suppurativa are clogging of the apocrine glands, due to dead skin cells develop into trapped in the gland, over production of oil, or bacterial accumulation. This will cause the plug to swell with pus formation. What causes of Hidradenitis Suppurativa this simple blockage to progress into a full blow Hidradenitis Suppurativa case is still debated, though, possible theories include an auto-immune reaction, hormone imbalances and genetic disorders. It is also recognized that too much sweating and being overweight will increase the risk of developing the condition. Furthermore, wearing tight clothing, excessive shaving, using lithium medications and hot humid climates have been identified as triggering factors.

A number of causes of Hidradenitis Suppurativa which have been considered responsible for triggering HS include:

  • Weight gain
  • Stress and hormonal changes
  • Heat or excessive perspiration
  • Blockage of sebaceous glands and hair follicles
  • Bacterial infection on sweaty areas
  • Genetic inheritance
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Crohn's disease or Graves' disease

Ask a bunch of renowned dermatologists and skin pathologists to publicly share their opinion on what causes Hidradenitis Suppurativa, and they will soon get entrenched in a heated debate on whether this historical term is a despicable misnomer.

Patients are strictly prohibited to wear tight clothes and are advised to wear a soft fabric clothes. They are asked to stay away from using razor for shaving purposes near the affected areas. It is to note that grime or any unhygienic conditions do not causes of Hidradenitis Suppurativa but the infected areas should be cleaned on a daily basis using an antibacterial soap, as this will reduce any odor related to this condition.

Diagnosis of Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Early hidradenitis suppurativa lesions often mimic other disorders; misdiagnosis of hidradenitis suppurativa as recurrent furunculosis or "boils" is common. Prompt recognition of the correct diagnosis of hidradenitis suppurativa is important. An early and accurate diagnosis facilitates the initiation of a treatment plan aimed at minimizing the risk of progression to disabling, end-stage disease.

Recent regional and insurance database studies indicate that diagnosis of hidradenitis suppurativa is rare, with less than 200,000 affected patients in the United States. These findings are at odds with the generally accepted prevalence of just about 1%. To estimate the number of patients diagnosed with hidradenitis suppurativa, including patients enrolled in public health plans and the uninsured.

On the other hand, the diagnosis of hidradenitis suppurativa frequently is overlooked by physicians and therefore may be very common than is identify. Hidradenitis suppurativa affects more women than men, with a female-to-male predominance as high as 4:1.2 This painful, disfiguring, and at times debilitating disease is marked by periods of inflammation with infrequent secondary infection, and intermittent remissions that can last some years. The disease almost forever occurs after puberty and before age 40, leading to the theory that there is a hormonal component to the pathogenesis.

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  1. The normal dose is 2 pills each day right after a meal. Do not take more than the prescribed dose on your own.
  2. It can be swallowed with water or milk. Milk is preferable if you are not lactose intolerant.
  3. The dose should be taken at the same time each day so that you have a consistent supply of the active ingredients in your bloodstream. Any time of the day will suffice as long as it can be adhered to.
  4. If a dose is missed and there are more than 12 hours remaining before your next dose, then the missed dose can be taken at the time of recall. If there are less than 12 hours remaining before your next dose then you should just skip the missed dose and take the next one.
  5. Never take double dosages to make up for a missed dose.
  6. For best results no dose should ever be missed. 

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Natural Treatment

The benefits of Herbal Products have been acknowledged worldwide. Herbal supplement is the most widely used form of herbal medicine all over the world although Herbal Supplements are classified as dietary supplements and approved by clinically test. Natural Herbal Treatment with Herbal Supplements is safe and effective way. Today, we will offer you a Natural Product for Hidradenitis Suppurativa Natural Treatment that you can try out.

There are several Herbal Products exporters and suppliers in the market. Make sure you are selecting the exporter with due sagacity. “Trendeton” Herbal Product is one of the best Herbal Supplements to treat the condition effectively. The combination of different potent Herbs for Hidradenitis Suppurativa Natural Treatment is truly effective. It is a powerful combination of carefully chosen potent herbs that have no side effects. They can help people create treatment plans that use this product, Herbal Supplement, and lifestyle changes to promote health. So you can use this herbal product without any hesitation and doubt.

Ingredient Details

Trendeton contains the following herbs that have been combined together in precise amounts to make it a powerful formula::

  •     Operculinaturpelthum 142.5 mg
  •     Rheum Rhabarbarum 41.8 mg
  •     Scammony 38 mg
  •     Indian Olibanum Tree 16.3 mg
  •     Ginger 16.3 mg
  •     Torchwood Tree 12.3 mg

How does it help?

Trendetoncapsules contain a proprietary blend of pure and fresh herbs that together produce a synergistic effect. As it is a natural supplement it may not show results as evidently or quickly as prescription medications, but that does not mean that it does not work. If you remain patient and keep taking it regularly then it may help you in the following ways:

  •     It may help ease pain in the lumps.
  •     It may shrink the appearance of blackheads.
  •     It may minimize redness and soreness of the lumps.  

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